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Paul McNaughton - Acoustic Engineer
Paul McNaughton. Acoustic Engineer & designer of the Portable Acoustic Baffle

The Portable Acoustic Baffle (PAB) has been developed by Sound-Insul8ion founder, director and principal Acoustic Engineer, Paul McNaughton.

Paul recognised the need for the baffle shortly after the lockdown of 2020 began, while watching video reports on national TV.

Appalled by the poor sound quality due to flutter echo, extraneous background noise and poor speech quality, he set about designing and producing the PAB, for professionals suddenly forced to work from home offices.

Paul studied Engineering Acoustics and Vibrations at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR), part of Southampton University. And worked as an acoustic consultant before going solo, and setting up Sound-Insul8ion Ltd.

Today, with 23 years experience soundproofing differing buildings with bespoke systems, Paul continues to develop innovative products to help control home acoustics.




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