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We are confident that your Portable Acoustic Baffle will serve you well for years. However, here are a few points to keep in mind;

The Portable Acoustic Baffle is a robust product but it should still be handled with care.

Take care of the hinges

The hinges we use are able to handle a maximum loading of 30kg. Although this is sufficient for the general day to day use of the units, please be aware that excess weight or excessive swinging will cause damage to the hinges and/or the frame of the units.

Hinges may leak lubricant fluid. If this happens, simply wipe with a damp, soapy cloth.


The regular sized units are designed to fit under standard kitchen wall units. However, although we use fire resistant fabric and non-combustible acoustic padding, the shell of the unit is wood, and there is a risk of fire.

When using your baffle in the kitchen, keep it well away from the stove and other sources of fire.

Be careful with glass top tables

The Portable Acoustic Baffle is a solid product, with the largest unit weighing 12kg. Be careful when using on any glass top furnishings.

Careful in the garden!

The Portable Acoustic Baffle is perfect for working in the sunshine. However, be careful if placing it on a rough wooden surface as splinters can tear the fabric.

Returns policy

Each unit is carefully checked before it leaves our factory to ensure that it meets our highest standards. However, should you find that the unit is damaged in anyway when you first unwrap it, please contact our sales staff immediately.

Fair Use Replacement

If it can be demonstrated that a unit has been damaged during the course of normal use, we will happily replace it and cover the cost of shipping the new unit.


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