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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Baffle?

A. A baffle is something that prevents the spread of sound. They come in all shapes and sizes. From giant baffles used along the edge of busy roads to reduce noise levels for the surrounding community, to recording studios where they are used to enhance the quality of the recording, to our Portable Acoustic Baffle, designed specifically to enhance the local acoustic environment of your workspace at home.

Q. Does it need to be plugged in?

A. No. You open it up when you need to use it and fold it away when you’re finished.

Q. What does it do?

A. It sits behind your device (laptop, phone, tablet, recording device), and absorbs sound.

After the sound is absorbed the amount of echo transmitted through your microphone is greatly reduced.

Q. Why do I need a baffle?

A. The microphones used in portable devices are generally of low quality. The baffle helps by reducing the noise experienced by the microphone making the signal more prominent.

Q. Does the baffle help if I use a headset and microphone?

A. If you use a microphone that is external to your portable device, then no, not really.

It will help by reducing the background noise in front of you, but if the microphone is more than 1 meter away from the baffle, the reduction would likely be lost.

Q. My colleagues are complaining of an echo on our conference calls, but I can't hear it. Am I the problem?

A. Your surroundings are the problem. A correctly used Portable Acoustic Baffle will reduce the echo noticed on the call.

Q. How does the baffle work?

A. The baffle works by impeding the transmission of sound through a fibrous medium.

Q. My desk is already crowded, how much space will the baffle take up?

A. The heavyweight baffle is about as thick as a smartphone is wide (10cm). The lightweight baffle is half as thick.

We understand the space limitations many people face having to work from home and the Portable Acoustic Baffle has been designed so that you can quickly set it up when needed, and easily folded and neatly put away when you’ve finished your meeting.

Q. What difference will I notice when using the baffle?

A. The baffle creates a quieter, acoustically controlled workspace when deployed. It has been developed to enhance your speech quality for those that are listening to you. 

Q. What sizes are the baffles available in?

A. Please see the dimensions below;



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