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  • High-quality, uninterrupted audio is crucial for conference call success

    If you’re like most of us, prior to the sudden COVID lock-down, you had little experience with video conferencing.

    It’s been a challenge.

    Working from kitchen tables and bedrooms, using previously unheard of software like Zoom and Teams, we’ve all been learning-on-the-fly.

    Through trial, and quite a bit of error, you’ve probably tried different set-ups and locations, looking for a solution to make sure you present yourself in the most professional light possible.

    And the biggest challenge of all is producing high-quality audio.

    Here’s why...

  • Sound waves bounce off the hard surfaces and create an echo...echo...echo


    When you speak in the direction of your laptop or phone, some of your voice reaches the microphone.

    While the rest radiates out and reflects off of all of the surfaces in your surrounding area.

    These reflected waves, along with all the other background noises in your environment, are then picked up by the microphone.

    The result?

    An audio full of background noises, echoes, pops and static.

    Along with perhaps a little resentment and a few rolled eyes from those you are meeting with!

    We can all put up with poor video quality or bad lighting, but poor quality audio makes a meeting harder to focus on and the overall productivity of the group suffers.

    You may think you don't have the problem because you can't hear the echo, or any of these other distracting noises. But, here's the thing ...

    If you can't hear the echo, you're probably causing it!


Control your environment for better audio quality

Portable Acoustic Baffle

  • The Portable Acoustic Baffle is a free -standing system that sits on your desk or table and encompasses your laptop or phone.

    It absorbs your voice, after the microphone has received it, reducing the echo effect.

    The result is firstly that your own spoken contribution to the conference is sharp and clear, and secondly, less of the reverberation or background noise from your room will leach through to distract and annoy other participants.



    Meaning when there is a problem, you can feel confident that it is not you!

  • Lightweight PAB Demonstration

  • Heavyweight PAB Demonstration

  • Sizes to fit your space and noise challenges

    The Portable Acoustic Baffle comes in five sizes to fit the space you are working in;

    Our desktop baffles are approximately 210mm(21cm) high and have been designed to fit neatly beneath your screens when employing a multiscreen computer system

    Our regular units are approximately 400mm (40cm) high x 500mm (50cm) wide, making them ideal to slide under most fitted kitchen wall units.

    Our large units are approximately 540mm (54cm) high x 600mm (60cm) wide, ideal for use on desks and table tops.

    Both regular and large units are available in two thicknesses. The right one for you depends on the amount of noise you are having to contend with, and the amount of reverberation, or echo, being generated in your space.

    Lightweight units are 50mm (5cm) deep. Ideal for rooms that have;

    - Soft furnishings; carpets, curtains, cushions, pillows etc.

    - Low background noise

    - Low reverberation time (low echo)

    Heavyweight units are 100mm (10cm) deep. Ideal for rooms that have;

    - Hard surfaces

    - Outside noise, like traffic

    - Few soft furnishings

    - High reverberation time (high echo)

Large 54cm (h) x Lightweight 5cm (d)

Portable acoustic baffle - regular size, deluxe depth

Regular 40cm (h) x Heavyweight 10cm (d)

Portable Acoustic Baffles for home office

  • At the end of the day, just pack it away!

    Ranging from 5 - 12kg, with three handles for easy carrying, the baffle can be folded away after use and neatly packed away.

  • Premium quality, made and constructed in the UK

    The Portable Acoustic Baffle is a premium product designed in the UK by Acoustic Engineers, and constructed using high-quality and, where possible, locally sourced materials.


    The fabric we have chosen is a 390gsm, herringbone design available in three earthy shades of blue, purple and terracotta.

    It has been manufactured with a soil release treatment for extra protection, and combined with severe contract durability and fire resistability.


    Our frames are constructed using sustainably sourced softwood with a manmade, replenishable, hardboard back panel.

    Acoustic padding

    We use a sustainable, non-combustible, semi rigid, acoustically absorptive mineral wool in all our Baffles.


    We have selected a high quality, smooth action, satin finish, stainless steel, hinge with twin stainless steel bearings to accent our units.

Available in 3 Earthy Shades

pab swatches

Portable Acoustic Baffle - made in UK


  • We care about the details

    Our fantastic in-house team are passionate about our product and work diligently to make sure every unit is handmade to the highest standard.

    We use high-quality materials to ensure that your baffle not only looks great, but is also robustly constructed for the task for which it is intended.

    Your baffle is constructed with a sturdy frame using responsibly sourced redwood, high quality acoustically absorptive mineral wool, premium 390gsm fabric, and accented with high quality, satin finish hinges.

    The Portable Acoustic Baffle is a premium, professional product.

  • Handles
  • Corners
  • Hinges
  • 4 at an angle
  • Free Delivery anywhere in the UK

    For a limited period save £15 with free shipping anywhere in the UK, including Northern Ireland.

    Select one of the five sizes below.

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