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"The Portable Acoustic Baffle is an innovative new product. I would strongly recommend using the Baffle - particularly for those who have been working at home during this time. It greatly improves and enhances the sound quality of virtual meetings and is a brilliant invention." 

Rt. Hon. Robert Halfon MP
Chair of the Commons Education Select Committee

Working hard for Harlow, Hastingwood, Matching, Nazeing, Roydon and Sheering

Portable Acoustic Baffle - made in UK"I am delighted with the Portable Acoustic Baffle. This has really improved my sound quality on zoom. A wonderful piece of engineering."

Lara Korz

Testimonial - Portable Acoustic Baffle"I've just used my baffle for the first time whilst going live with my guided meditation. It really has improved the sound.

If you do video calls for work and struggle with the quality of the sound a baffle will really help."

Beverley Weemes

"When playing guitar and singing it's great to be able to play live to fellow musicians demonstrating and teaching across the web in a live situation.

The Portable Sound Baffle enhances the quality. Removing erroneous sounds allows a clear precise sound transmission. Simply playing into the baffle you can hear every note clearly, controlling the sound quality.

It reminds me of the work I have done in a recording studios where they are adjusting portable sound boards around to get the best feel of the music before recording it."

John Sams


Innovation in home acoustic control

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