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The Portable Acoustic Baffle (PAB) is a premium product designed specifically for this new era of technology and the home office

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  • The Portable Acoustic Baffle is a quality product with wide appeal

    Affiliate marketing is a great way to generate cash by sharing your interest in a product through your social media accounts, website or email contacts.

    The Portable Acoustic Baffle, (PAB), is a product of wide appeal across many interests including #homeoffice, #workfromhome and #homeofficedesign.

    Used by professionals in every field, the PAB was invented by a British Acoustic Engineer and in constructed to a superior quality, in Essex. It is a product you will be proud to promote.



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  • Great Commission. Timely Payout.

    Whether you refer 6 sales or just one, we pay;

    - 10% on all referred sales

    - On the 28th of every month (after 28 day money back gaurantee period has passed)

    - Directly to your UK bank account 



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  • There’s no limit to the commission you can make!

    Promoting the PAB to individuals through your network is a great way to generate cash, but there’s also the opportunity to make much more.

    The PAB is used by executives in leading international organisations to ensure their video communications are as professional as possible. If you have contacts in banking, law firms or other international service companies, then introducing them to the benefits of the PAB could result in multi-unit sales.

    There is no limit to the amount of commission you can earn. We pay 10% on EVERY sale.



  • We want you to Succeed

    The PAB is a premium piece of furniture for technology, and our content and images will help you tell that story, whilst also earning a commission.

    To help you get the most out of this opportunity, we provide you with tools to help you succeed.

    Extended 60-day cookie life

    Your unique affiliate code contains a cookie to identify the visitor as someone you have referred to our site. This cookie has an extended life span of 60 days. So if someone you refer to us comes back within 60 days to make a purchase, you still get the commission.

    Library of free images

    We provide a library of images you can use freely in your social media posts and blogs. 

    White papers & articles

    Our white papers and article are available to provide information, in-sight and research concerning the professional and personal-health challenges of working in a home environment. Learn more and add further value to your followers.




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